Certificates and Patents

Aversa is certified by International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 for execution AQ-04 and AQ-02 mass production pumps and pumps in nuclear circuits. All pumps developed by Aversa are tested in stands special arranged for load tests. This way, it is carried out measurement in energetic parameters, mechanical tests, noises and vibration tests, tests which offers certification of product quality. All the tests are carried out according to the quality assurance norms.

  • SC Aversa SA has implemented and maintains a quality management system according to SR EN ISO 9001:2001standard (ISO 9001:2000).
  • SC is applying gentle, undamaging exams to the mechanical installations under pressure and to the elevation installations according to I.S.C.I.R., ICPTCR5/TIPE/354/22.10.2008 AUTHORIZATION, regarding UT(g) - thickness measurements with ultrasounds.
  • SC Aversa SA has ISCIR AUTHORIZATION No. NMP-17 from 17.03.2009 for producing and repairing nuclear and non nuclear (6th class) pumps for nuclear installations.

Regarding quality management control in nuclear area, S.C. Aversa S.A. has 2 authorizations from National Commission for Nuclear Activity Control in Romanian Government:

  • Authorization No 08-21
  • Authorization No 08-22

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