Basic services

For the manufacturing of Aversa products, Aversa has important technological capabilities for casting, processing, assembling and testing the pumps, as well as for service and technical activities. For each type of pump there are specified:

The possible applications for the type of fluids to be handled
Fields of use, performances, constructive type, variants and a cross-section of the pump

Service and technical assistance

Technical consultancy and assistance for selecting, commissioning and maintaining pump units
After sales supervision of the products
Service, repairs, and production of spare machinery parts
Technical assistance both during and after the products warranty period

Related services

Besides the pump production, Aversa develops studies and design projects in the field of hydraulic machineries, upgrades and modifications of installations and specific equipment, produces cast-iron, milled and welded steel components, and can provide dynamic balancing for equipment and parts, non-destructive quality control, energetic measurements.

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